What Octane Fuel Is Best For My Vehicle?

Did you know that most people use “regular” 87 octane fuel simply because it costs less at the pump? It’s also true that many owners manuals in today’s cars tell you to use 87 octane fuel. However, when it comes to the fuel you use, you really do get what you pay for. When you use premium 93 octane fuel in your vehicle, the computer on your car, truck or SUV automatically makes adjustments to the ignition timing to give you more power and better fuel economy when possible. Many times the increased fuel mileage when using the higher octane fuel can offset the cost difference to the point that you will actually save money.

Another advantage to using higher octane fuel is that it burns much cleaner and leaves fewer carbon deposits in the engine. The reason for this is that high octane fuel burns slower and more completely than low octane fuel. This is because high octane fuel is less volatile meaning it doesn’t evaporate as fast as 87 octane fuel. Using 93 octane fuel also allows for more efficient combustion leaving behind very little residue in the fuel injectors, intake manifold, throttle body and EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) system. When using high octane fuel, even if your fuel economy doesn’t increase, your engine will stay much cleaner internally while at the same time increasing the longevity of your fuel system, valve train and even the piston rings.

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